Wisemen Grandee Menu

Choose up to 4 types of beverages you feel like having, the date, venue and we will bring the whole bar to your event or party!

Our Grandee Menu is perfect for 20 person.

  • Cocktails
  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Straight drinks with rocks or mixers

Wisemen Chilling Buddy

Tell us what type of cocktails you feel like having, the date, venue and we will design 3 types of tailor-made cocktails especially for you and your buddies, and bring the whole bar to you weekly or monthly. Choose from the different plans we have!

Our Chilling Buddy is perfect for 50 person.

Wisemen Celebration Pack

Are you someone who loves to celebrate life in the comfort of your own space? Wisemen Celebration Pack comes with 4 Signature infused bottle or other spirits from our menu, and 48 bottles of chilled beer.

Perfect for parties with a small group of family and friends.

Our Celebration Pack is perfect for 15 person.

Wisemen Open Bar

Wisemen Open Bar

We will provide beverages you need for your occasion, your guest pay a reasonable price for it or an amount is arranged beforehand. Once the limit is reached, guests can pay for their own drinks throughout the remaining of the occasion.

Perfect for receptions, dating events and parties!

This service requires a deposit.

Wisemen Bespoke Menu

Tell us what you love – the theme, budget, venue, number of guests, type of beverages and we will charm you with our sincere crafts & ounces.

This is a fully customisable Wisemen option.

Wisemen Bespoke Menu

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