Our Gentlemen

Our professional and passionate team with years of experience behind the bar strive to provide the best bar experience possible anywhere for your occasions.
We believe that enjoyable experience will become precious memories which are priceless. Please enjoy your occasion while Three Wisemen spice it up for you!

“No event is too small for celebration, and nothing is too wild to be achieved. Quality cocktails can be achieved anywhere with 3WM!”

Zack’s bartending roots started at LOOF Bar in 2008, where he realised his love for having convesations with customers over the bar. He has always believed in the art of creating cocktails with the use of local ingredients. He also takes pride in creating different infusions delectable to suit customers’ tastes. Zack’s list of success enabled him to take up positions such as an ex-senior bartender at Tess Bar & Kitchen, Barstories and Drinks cultures before forming Three Wisemen.


“Real skills involved in mixology is daily practice. It may seem simple but it takes lots of experience, understanding of ingredients and mixing, to craft out beautiful cocktails. I hope to inspire people with my crafts at 3WM!”

Ryan started as a Hotelier and specialised in Fine Dining at Goodwood Park in 2009. He then dived into the bar scene a year later. Since then, his passion for mixology led him to multiple awards, which enabled him to take up positions such as Bar Manager of ‘Maison Ikkoku’ and Food and Beverage Manager in ‘FORT’ before forming Three Wisemen.

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